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Who is Loveless ? ...

The equation is simple...

Loveless = Electrogaze Indietronic

Sounding like they have arrived from another galaxy, Loveless have landed with a fresh bold blend of new-wave synth sounds. Loveless proudly celebrate their passion for vintage electronic instruments through their robotic minimalist new-wave-synth-pop. Playing their vintage synthesisers the way they were originally designed to be played, the result is so unique that the duo have claimed to have invented a new style - they call it "Electro-gaze"... a melting pot of new wave and shoegazey genres.

On stage, loveless are an alien landscape of synths, a drum machine, pedals, innumerable leads and two very busy musos! Using vintage gear all their music is played organically with no backtracks or midi to help out.

Inspired by electro-pop maestros like New Order and Kraftwerk, and shoegazey pundits like My Bloody Valentine and Slowdive, their Electro-gaze style has seen Loveless quickly move from being a kitschy obsession to a serious musical force playing the hippest venues around their home-town of Brisbane, Australia. Sometimes wistful and elusive, sometimes urgent and intense, their minimalist new-wave synth-textures and catchy melodies seem to be from this planet!

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